Kit Item of the Week #15: The SKS

9 The SKS

If you are preparing for SHTF you need a firearm, end of conversation. Disagree? I look forward to watching you get your hard earned preps pillaged while you attempt to chastise the looters in a stern voice. Now I realize that not everyone can spend $1,200 on an AR so I am writing a series of articles on great guns that come in under $400 to show that everyone can afford to protect what they love and have worked for.

Admittedly this is not one of my favorite guns, I feel that it is limited in what it can do in comparison to more modern firearms like the AR15, AK47/74 and FAL. However, for the cost the SKS can be a decent defensive rifle when the SHTF. The first thing you have to do when considering the SKS is realize that no matter what aftermarket pieces (tactical stocks, duckbill mags, ect) you add to it you will never turn it in to an AK. If you want an AK then save up another $300 ($200 for the rifle itself + $100 for magazines) and buy an AK. The SKS was meant to be used with a 10 round magazine and stripper clips, I have seen this setup used successfully by people who are willing to practice with their rifle.

The next thing I want to talk about is the stock. Now I an a “tactical” guy, I like polymer and aluminum on my guns that are suppose to look modern. The SKS was always meant to have wood furniture, it makes it rugged but also heavy. If the weight of the rifle in its standard configuration is too much for you to carry then I would suggest you add strength training to your SHTF preps. If you are not willing to strengthen your body then there are aftermarket stocks for the SKS, the photo below shows the right and wrong stock to swap for your SKS.

kklObviously the second rifle is the correct choice, the profile of the rifle stays the same. The third rifle is the wrong war to do things mostly because it is the gateway to to other modifications that try to turn your rifle in to an AK. I will say it again, IF YOU WANT AN AK THEN BUY AN AK! Realistically, once you add the tacticool stock, the duckbill mags, the muzzle break and red dot you are at the base cost of a AK anyway.

The SKS does have some advantages over the AK platform. Jams and hangups are easier to clear because there is no top cover on the SKS. Accuracy is a bit better because of the barrels weight and length, this makes it perfect if you are a part of a group as the rifle make a great designated marksmen rifle out to 300 yards. All and all the SKS will keep you in the fight as long as you are willing to put in the time to practice in with it, the worst thing in a battle is an untrained solder. Check out the link below for more information on the SKS check out the link below.

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  1. I love the SKS but I would keep it stock. I think people get really into the whole “tactical” thing Soldiers are still finding old SKS’s with out the “American” mods on them in the middle east. & before the AK the Vietcong were using SKS’s to wipe the floor with france. duck bill magazines are more trouble then their worth VERY awkward to load. hold the bolt back hold the mag catch back (which is reversed on SKS’s with fixed magazines) then try & finagle a weird magazine into the gun just not worth the trouble I dont even practice reloads anymore with the SKS but I can still slap in a 10 round stripper faster then an AK mag =D just my opinion though. a plastic stock to some maybe better esp if someone has wrist or hand injuries from the past. I see a lot of dudes throw pistol grip stocks on SKS’s Mini 14’s etc to compensate for their wrist because its hard to use a traditional stock for them =(

  2. The sks is a good weapon I would say get a parts kit & get a broken shell extrator , ans a sight ajustment tool for sks and for u ak runners thay r life savers Ihat a steel case head rip off I’m glad Ihad 1 well Ihave r of them ans 2 sight tools

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